Daily Income

This earning source allows you to earn as your team grows. As your downline progresses and goes down, you are offered with an opportunity of earning from your developed downline. The prime intension behind this income option is to assure a deep down unlimited income of your own genealogy in time to come. The program is based on a concept of 2, 4 or unlimited odd number of direct legs.

First to register as Member and become a basic Distributor by purchasing product of minimum worth value of Rs. 2500/-

Package Product Price BV
Package-1 Magnetic Wrist Watch, Suit Length, Saree Rs. 2500/- 500

A Distributor sale product to the direct member and matching of (1:2 or 2:1) of first level the Distributor will get matching incentive of Product BV, then matching of 1:1 at the next level the distributor will get Matching incentive of Product BV.

Perday Closing : 6AM - 6PM & 6PM - 6AM

Each Closing has 10 matching capping

Power Side carries forward

Repurchase Income

Retail Profit : 10 to 40%

When you become an associate of the firm & purchase minimum 500 BV product per month then you will get 2% of the total monthly business volume of the firm as Purchase Bonus Award which has been fixed for purchase fund.


Performance Incentive Income

When you and your associates in your business network repurchase the products based on the cash value assigned to each product by the company. You receive this income on the basis of products purchased by you & your downlines. If you and your downlines purchase the products from the company then you will will be able to earn 6-21% of BV. At the first instance this income might be small but it grows substantially and consistently to ensure very good life long monthly income as your network grows.

If any associate in your downline qualifies any level then the percentage difference between his/her level and your level will be paid to you.

You can sponsor any number of Associate and more the Associate you sponsor and more the sales value accumulated by you and yout team will earn more

Min. BV Max BV Comm %
100 2500 6%
2501 25000 9%
25001 50000 12%
50001 75000 15%
75001 100000 18%
100001 unltd. 21%

When you achieve 21% of profit level you become Manager

Achievers Group Income

Achievement Criteria Benefit
Silver Manager One downline Manger and 20000 PGBV in same month 4% of PGBV of the month
Travelling Fund One downline Manger and 75000 PGBV in same month 2% of PGBV of the month
Leadership Sponsoring Bonus Silver Manager 12% of Direct sponsoring associate earning
Gold Manager Two Manager in different leg in same month
Bike Fund Gold Manager or above Part of 2% of BV of Firm as Bike Fund in each month
Ruby Manager Three Manager in three different downline 4% of Manager leg in each month
Car Fund Ruby Manager or above Part of 2% of BV of Firm as Car Fund in each month
House Fund Ruby Manager and 30000 BV in fourth leg Part of 2% of BV of Firm as House Fund in each month
Diamond Manager Manager in four different downline leg in a month 1% of CBV