The party, who desirous to take "Super Shoppe" in any district have to pay Rupee 10,00,000/- (Ten Lakhs) only for super shoppe. The company will pay back the products on D.P of same price to the super shoppe in the ratio of (PIN 3,00,000/- & 7,00,000/- repurchase products) for super shoppe.


The company will pay the commission, @80 Rs for sale of each package as well as @ 10% on the repurchase of any products, to the super shoppe on Net Sale. (Net Sale = Gross Sale - Sale Tax.)


To continue all the facilities from the company the super shoppe must maintain the monthly business of 3,00,000 at least.

  1. It will be responsibility of the super shoppe to give services to all shoppes and collection centres of its district as well to bear the transportation expenses of any products by collection centre`s and shoppes. And also to maintain the stock balance (Minimum 5,00,000/- Rs. for Super Shoppe). This is his job to collect all the goods regularly from the state- Franchise. Here the costing of transportation will be given by the "State Franchise".
  2. The company will bear the room rent of the super shoppe (upto 10,000/-) and two staff salary (upto 6,000/- + 4,000/-). The company will also bear the expenses of electricity and Internet for the development support of Super Shoppe.
  3. The business from shoppes and collection centres of the same district will not be counted in the business of the super shoppe.
  4. In the case of "fatality" of any Ocean N.R.E distributor in the district of the super shoppe. The fund will be transferred to the super shoppe but after the verification of the company.
  5. The company will never return back any pack or products from shoppe.
  6. The super shoppe will not be surrendered. It will be only transferred to the another hand. But this could be happened only after 18 months of open that centre.
  7. The company reserves right to change any terms and conditions.
  8. All disputes with regard to this business is subject to "DHANBAD-JURISDICTION" only.


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