Collection Centre


Any party, desirous of taking "collection centre" in any place, will have to pay 1, 50 , 000/- (One lakh fifty thousand) only. The company will pay back the products of 1,50,000/- on distributor price to the collection centre. The ratio of product will be 45,000/- of PIN and 1,05,000/- of repurchase products.


The company will pay commission @ 40 Rs sale of package as well @ 4% on repurchase of any products to the collection centre on Net Sale.(Net Sale = Gross Sale - Sale Tax)


Collection centre will keep stock of all products and distributor pack as per standards and norms set by the company. The minimum stock worth Rs. 1,20,000/- will have to be compulsorily maintained by the collection centre. The company may take action if the collection centre will not follow the norms.

  1. It will be the responsibility of the collection centre to collect the goods regularly from "the shoppe". The collection centre have to pay nothing against the transportation of products from the shoppe to collection centre.
  2. The collection centre will have to bear expenses of loading, unloading, office expenses like room rent, electricity, telephone, staff salary, stationary and any extra expenses which will be necessary to develop the business of the collection centre.
  3. In the case of any "fatality" of any Ocean N.R.E distributor in nearby area of the collection centre, the fund will transfer to the collection center but after the verification of shoppe / Super shoppe.
  4. The company will never return back any products from the collection centre.
  5. In the case of surrender of the collection centre. The collection center will free to sell all the products but this could be happen after 18 months of open that centre.
  6. The company reserves right to change any terms and conditions.
  7. All disputes with regard to this business is subject to "DHANBAD-JURISDICTION" only.


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